Daniel is an Osteopath and Personal Trainer with a background in Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning and Exercise Rehabilitation. 


Daniel adopts a Holistic view of the body, he believes that all systems are interrelated and therefore we must go beyond the presenting symptom or pain if we are to create lasting change. 

Through a thorough screening process Daniel is able to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of your pain or dysfunction and create a tailored management plan that incorporates Movement, Nutrition & Recovery protocols in addition to Osteopathic treatment. 

"Teaching and Education is a big part of my coaching philosophy. My goal is to remove the guesswork and empower you with the skills and knowledge required to optimise your health and performance long term".


"I want each individual to learn how to function at their full potential long term and understand exactly what best suits them best in regards to Movement, Nutrition & Recovery".



- Certificate III / IV Fitness - Australian Institute of Fitness 

- Woodford Sport Science Internship (2014 - 15)


- ASCA: Level 1 - Strength & Conditioning 
- FMA Strength Institute Certification - Level One


- FMA Strength Institute Certification - Level Two 
- Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Certification

- Certification of Timeline Therapy


- FMA Strength Institute Certification - Level Three

- Muscle Nerds Health: Foundations

- JS Strength Performance: 10 Week Program Design 

- Bachelor of Osteopathy (2014 - 18)
- Bachelor of Health Science (2014 - 18)
- Manual Medicine: Dry Needling Level One 

- Manual Medicine: Myofascial Cupping Level One 


- Dr. Jacob Harden: Prehab 101 Melbourne
- Arnold Strength Summit: Dr. Stefi Cohen - Lower Back Pain 
- Arnold Strength Summit: Dr. Andrew Lock - Shoulder Pain 
- Arnold Strength Summit: Sebastian Oreb - Strength System
- Melbourne Strength Culture: Upper Extremity 

- Melbourne Strength Culture: Lower Extremity 
- Systems in Synergy: Luke Tulloch - Physiology Fundamentals
- Systems in Synergy: Jordan Shallow - Applied Biomechanics 

- Dr. Perry Nickleston: Functional Medicine & Movement

- Dr. Stewart Gillepsie: Functional Medicine & Nutrition

- Elite Vitality: Rawdon Dubois - Hypertrophy Programming
- Elite Vitality: Jake Carter - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

- Postural Restoration Institute: Pelvic Restoration

- Postural Restoration Institute: Postural Restoration

- Postural Restoration Institute:  Myokinetic Restoration

- Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA): Online

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